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Spotlight On Scorpio – 2015

Spotlight On Scorpio – 2015
October  23 - November 21    "The true bottom line is not your bank's your self-worth."

Your Spidey sense has been tingling with signals that this year could be easier than the last few. That spine-crushing pressure you’ve been enduring has lifted. You’re relaxing like never before into sharing yourself with other humans, sibs included. You’ve been piling up beaucoups of older-and-wiser cred, and you’re itching to start cashing it in.

The signals you’re picking up are right on the money.  You are indeed in for one of the most freeing and rewarding years in recent memory. And all of those signals are part of why.

The biggest growth potential comes from letting the rest of us know more of what’s going on in your head. If you can let your clutches up on that trademark privacy, more disclosure will reveal its benefits. Its increasingly tangible, yea even financial benefits. Ah. That got your attention.

You’ve got a cosmic formula for making a dream come true this year — not in your mind while you’re soaking in the tub, or driving to work, or trying to blot out the latest jolt to your body. (More on that it a sec.) But for real, tangibly, out here where you can touch and trust it.  Maybe it’s polishing your unique voice, building a podium and finding the audience. (Show of hands: Who’s got a novel on a hard drive?) Maybe it’s structuring time for vacations and art classes. Maybe it’s giving romance another whirl, even at this point in life. Whatever form the development takes, it’s been in the works for years. Capitalizing on it does not require a personality transplant. You can still hold some of your cards close. Just lay more of them on the table. The circles you run in (friends, homeowners’ associations, online groups) have people positioned to be uncommonly helpful and supportive. Take constructive criticism as sign of loyalty. Dip into your innate patience and tenacity, too. Like all enduring construction, this one takes time to build. The rollout runs from fall 2015 through early next summer.

While the concrete and paint dry on your dream, your schedule continues to be as whackadoodle as your energy levels — and, on some days, your relationship with your body. Alas, stability and certainty are just not in the stars for the foreseeable future. (Do. Not. Kill. The. Messenger.)  Your firmest intentions are no match for the twists and turns disrupting your job demands, eating and exercise habits,  and, big surprise, health. Add to that instability the anxiety, excitement, power surges or undefinable jitteriness periodically zipping through you like an electrical current. They’re motivating, irritating, and sometimes debilitating, thwarting plans like an angry kid upending a game board.

You’re no victim; nope, not you. Ante up some of that older-and-wiser cred and work it. Be who and do whatever you damn well feel like. Make life up as you go along. (Eating Paleo at breakfast and going vegan by sundown? Ain’t nobody’s business if you do.) And view those electrical impulses as an annoying but well-intended friend. Use them as fuel for speed demon productivity. Or take a time out and disperse them. (Play superhero and imagine them zooming out of your palms and feet.) Or use them as an excuse to escape something you didn’t want to do anyway (shhhhhh).

As for other blips and bumps that may lie ahead, they’re peanuts compared to what has tripped you up in recent years. The one area of concern is near and dear to your heart, which is to say, your wallet. Whether it’s tight or not. money does require extra special attention these days. The true bottom line is not your bank balance, though. It’s your self-worth. Commit to that and many issues that present as  about money will turn out to be about something else. (Mark March for this, when your radar will be more reliable than other people’s words.)

A great year ahead for you, Scorpio!

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Write for Hot Flash Daily.

Share your story? Advice? Ideas? Cartoons or videos you've created? We'd love your contribution.

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©2016 Hot Flash Daily. All rights reserved.

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