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Spotlight on Aries

Spotlight on Aries - March 21 - April 19*

Born between March 21 – April 19?

Boy, have you been reinventing yourself.  For a few years now, you’ve been making like Daffy Duck in the Looney Tunes cartoon “Duck Amuck.” Don’t know it? Look for it. It won’t take two scenes before you’re nodding in solidarity with the beleaguered duck, as his surroundings, appearance and the very ground beneath his little webbed feet morph without warning time and again.

Unlike Daffy, though, you’re being proactive. Let earthquakes destabilize your career and public life. (You can’t stop them, anyway.) You may as well change your end of the game, as boldly and outrageously as you like.

Besides, other people are spurring you on. Some are inspirations, some collaborators, some just irritants. As independent as you naturally are, there’s no escaping relationship issues through July, from your closest one-on-one connections (i.e., spouse or BFF) to your patterns, ground rules and expectations.

They play an important role in April, when a cluster of ground-rocking astro-events heat up the four foundational areas of your life: identity, home, relationship and career. Yep: those again. You survived this flavor of tension four years ago, and you are vastly stronger now. So pull up your big girl pants and walk into the fray.

This time around, home can be a refuge, or at least a private place to refuel and whimper if need be. You also have the opening, indeed the imperative, to renegotiate key relationships. Surprise: You do not have to do everything by or for yourself. Stare down that big complex issue of trust and intimacy. You’re learning, or seeing, who’s worthy of it. As for career? Sorry. Still unstable as all get-out.

At least summer is calmer. The relationship focus fades after July and your ability to enjoy life rekindles.  Bask in that; you’re stockpiling energy for when those fundamental issues heat back up again by October. Somehow, though, everything’s different: you, your playing field, and everyone on it. Life force is roaring through you. You may not be invincible, but you’re facing upheavals better than ever.  In fact, you’re probably instigating some of them. And having a grand time.

Exact start and stop dates vary by year. If you’re on the cusp, confirm your sign by running a free chart wheel.

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Share your story? Advice? Ideas? Cartoons or videos you've created? We'd love your contribution.

Write for Hot Flash Daily.

Share your story? Advice? Ideas? Cartoons or videos you've created? We'd love your contribution.

©2016 Hot Flash Daily. All rights reserved.

©2016 Hot Flash Daily. All rights reserved.

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