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45$ Off Your Trial of Relizen®

Relizen® is a non-hormonal product for women experiencing hot flashes and night sweats related to menopause or perimenopause. Its active ingredient is a Swedish flower pollen extract that has had the pollen allergens removed. The product has been recommended by doctors, and it has been in use in Europe for years.

Nothing is guaranteed to provide relief, every woman is different, but if you’d like to try the product, we offer a 45$ discount on your starter system.The starter system is a 3-month membership, which we recommend to truly see if the product works for you. You can cancel any time. No doctor’s visit required, unless you choose, no delay, no hassle.

Use Coupon Code 5002250 to claim $15 off each month of your 3-month trial. Then, keep the faith and track your experience, don’t give up too early, as many women do with non-prescription therapies / products.

Because we know menopause isn’t for sissies!

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Product Description

When we heard this:

“I still have hot flashes, but they are much less frequent, and less intense. I have had NO night sweats since about 2 months after I started using Relizen®…I’m very grateful to feel a little more human.”

We had to find out more. We first learned of Relizen® when Nora Rubinoff, someone we know and trust, told us that her doctor had recommended a non-hormonal approach to her menopause problem of hot flashes and night sweats. We were so intrigued by Nora’s Relizen® experience that we did some research, and as a result, we’re pleased to offer you a 45$ discount on the price of a 3-month supply, without the added expense of a doctor’s visit unless you choose to.

We’ve chosen to offer the discount on the 3-month trial package, because Nora tells us:

“…definitely try it, but also realize you are going to have to keep the faith. You will not have instantaneous results.”

Click on the coupon, and use the code 5002250  when you buy Relizen® to get your starter discount. As you probably know, every body is different, and some things work for one woman and not for another. There is no guarantee. But, keep the faith, and perhaps you will also find some relief. We hope so!







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