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Menopausal Sweat? That too, that too….

Menopausal Sweat? That too, that too….
Think you're more sweaty and stanky than before? Well, you're right. The list of symptoms continues, ladies...

Are you so stinky you make Right Guard turn left, Secret spill its guts, Sure uncertain, and Speed Stick slow down?

According to researchers, a change of body odor is another one of the fun symptoms we menopausal women may have to endure.

Although I’m a bit suspicious. Should we really trust these experts who apparently have nothing better to do than sniff sweaty arm pit pads of women hitting the mid-century mark?

Evidently, these experts tested menopausal sweat and lived to tell the story. They went on to write reports on how our hormone fluctuations can cause a false message to be sent to our ‘hypothalamuses’ – the part of our brain that controls body temperature. Then voila!

We ever-so-lucky menopausal women get to experience those wonderful hot flashes along with an increase in sweat production which results in changes in our body odor. On top of that, panic attacks and anxiety make us sweat even more, causing even skunks to run for their lives.

So what’s a menopausal stinky woman to do?

Before you move permanently into the bath tub, keep all the windows open no matter the weather, or glue your elbow to your waist, try the following tips:

  • Take a bath or shower daily. Yes, it sounds simple, but don’t overlook the obvious. This isn’t the time for a quick 60-second shower either. Take the time to be thorough and use lots of soap.
  • It’s time to leave the 70s in the past. Stay away from polyester and multi-blends. Stick to natural breathable fabrics like cotton and linen which gets rid of body odor by absorbing sweat instead of trapping it against the body.
  • Sorry ladies, but here’s the bad news. Although normally harmless in moderation, during menopause any amount of alcohol can negatively impact your body odor. The odor of alcohol itself can be secreted through the skin and raise your body’s temperature causing you to sweat even more. Do I dare say it again? Drink water instead. SORRY.
  • Try some changes in your diet. Cut back on strong spices like garlic as well as coffee. A lack of dietary magnesium and zinc can also contribute to body odor. Eat healthy foods rich in magnesium like spinach, nuts, seeds, and fish along with excellent sources of zinc like lean meats, poultry, oysters, beans, chickpeas, eggs, cashews, and almonds.
  • If you smoke, this is a great time to stop since it just makes the whole menopause odor thing worse. Plus, it can kill you.
  • Various underlying conditions like diabetes or kidney problems can also cause body odor changes. If you’ve noticed a significant change, see a doctor to determine if the problem could be caused by a medical condition.
  • I know, with hormones raging giving you erratic mood swings that can cause whiplash, this isn’t easy – but try not to stress which just causes you to sweat more.

So there you have it. Follow some of these tips and try not to sweat too much over this stinky, stanky, sweaty menopausal problem. If you find yourself fanning your armpits, you certainly aren’t alone.  As a cartoon I saw said: “A lady doesn’t sweat. She sparkles.”

Let’s go with that.

About Julie Gorges

Julie Gorges enjoys writing as a creative way to express her feelings, share her warped sense of humor, bare her soul, and hopefully inspire and educate her readers on important subjects like menopause mania. She's the author of three books, has had hundreds of articles published in magazines and newspapers, and won three journalism awards while working as a newspaper reporter. You can enjoy Julie's own blog at


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Write for Hot Flash Daily.

Share your story? Advice? Ideas? Cartoons or videos you've created? We'd love your contribution.

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©2016 Hot Flash Daily. All rights reserved.

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