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Your Journey

Your Journey
Where are you in your Hero's Journey of Menopause?

Where are you in your Hero’s Journey of Menopause?

Here are the stages of menopause as the Hero’s Journey:

Hearing the Call
You begin experiencing the symptoms of peri-menopause. You know that you and your life are going to change.

“This is happening to me. I can’t do anything about it. I didn’t choose it.”

Refusing the Call
You know that change can be disorienting and uncomfortable, so you resist the change.

“I don’t want to go. I’m not ready. This can’t really be happening to me.”

Preparing for Your Journey
You now know you’re entering full-blown menopause, like it or not. So you look at what you need to take and what you must leave behind.

“What can I do? What’s within my control? What am I losing? What do I need?”

Navigating the Unknown Territory
You embark into this unknown territory of menopause. You’ve never been here before, and you need to find a way to navigate, because there is no map.

“I think I ought to have a plan, but there isn’t one. Any plan is someone else’s, because my journey is unique. Who am I now? Where am I, and where am I going? How do I navigate this?”

Receiving Gifts from Your Journey
You meet your challenges with heretofore unrecognized inner resources. You transform by learning valuable lessons and skills about yourself and your life. You connect with your spiritual resources of joy, ease, energy, wisdom, clarity, intuition, and creativity.

“I connect to my True Self, my inner powers and my authentic voice.”

Returning to Your Community
You complete your menopause, and, metaphorically, you have returned home. This is a homecoming to your authentic self. You share your valuable gifts and lessons with your community. You are a Wisdom Woman.

“I contribute my gifts and live with a sense of meaning and purpose.”

Where are you?

Now that you have a sense for where you are in your Hero’s Journey (the inner journey), how do you find your way through your menopause (the outer journey), especially when there is no plan?

The Wisdom of the Hero’s Journey

The wisdom of the Hero’s Journey teaches us some important truths about being in a life transition such as menopause.

There is no map (or plan) for your menopause, and that’s ok. In fact, that’s normal. If you had a plan, it would be someone else’s plan. You’ve never been here before. Your own plan will emerge along the way, step-by-step. Permission to not know.

You have everything you need, inside of you, to find your way. You were born with it. It’s your internal guidance system, and you just need to know how to access it, and how to use it consistently and reliably (most of us have never learned this).

It really is about the journey, not the destination. The tendency in our culture is to do everything you can to fix our circumstance or situation, and as fast as you can. Your menopause is about your transformation: finding your true inner powers.  Then, not only can you navigate your menopause, you can also navigate your life, through anything that circumstances present to you.

There are some specific tools to help you find your way in your journey. Once you are familiar with these, you won’t feel so lost, and you will know what to do to find your way. Some examples of these tools are meditation, guided visualization, and journaling.

When you have completed your Hero’s Journey, you will have tapped into the authentic power and energy of your True Self. You will have a unique contribution to make to your community that gives you meaning and purpose. There are some incredibly valuable and surprising gifts in any transition, especially menopause.

Stay tuned to this site and this page, and we’ll share some insight, tools, and processes to help you navigate the unknown territory of your menopause, with clarity, power, and focus.

About Lynne Fairchild

Lynne Fairchild unwittingly began menopause at 38 years old, as she sweated through her clothing on a Chicago "L" platform in the middle of winter. Nobody, including her doctors, thought that she might be peri-menopausal. Now, she's writing from the "other side" of menopause. Lynne is a Professional Certified Coach who helps women navigate midlife and menopause at


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Write for Hot Flash Daily.

Share your story? Advice? Ideas? Cartoons or videos you've created? We'd love your contribution.

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©2016 Hot Flash Daily. All rights reserved.

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