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Exercise & Breast Cancer Risk Post-Menopause

Exercise & Breast Cancer Risk Post-Menopause
Easy to judge a smoker as irresponsible for taking that cancer risk- but what about you and exercise?

Oh Canada, 300 minutes of exercise a week? Truly?  “Post menopausal women who are trying to lose weight clearly benefit from doing 300 minutes of exercise per week, compared to getting half as much exercise,” an Alberta study has found. We’re talking about moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise.

Darn it, right? So many studies have been telling us that a twenty minute session is as good as a sixty minute one, so what’s going on?

The key difference seems to be that this study was specifically focused on breast cancer risk.

“Our findings of a dose-response effect of exercise on total fat mass and several other adiposity measures including abdominal fat, especially in obese women, provide a basis for encouraging postmenopausal women to exercise at least 300 minutes/week, which is longer than the minimum recommended for cancer prevention.”

Reading about the study on The University of Calgary’s website, it is interesting to note that fat loss is “an important (though not the only) mediator of this association.” So, if we’re reading this right, that means that 300 minutes is the important number even if you are at your ideal body weight. Meaning, from now on, the goal should be 300 minutes per week.

I don’t know about you, but as I get older, I know more and more people who have been impacted by breast cancer. Women with no family history. And where I’m heading is the reality that I have a responsibility- to myself, to my husband and to my daughter- to do everything I can to be healthy. After years of hearing my mother cough and then, at the end of her life, be tethered to an oxygen tank, I have no problem wondering why anyone in her right mind would choose to smoke a cigarette. But I have never seen myself as the same kind of crazy for the eating and exercise choices that I make. Until now.

Is there really any reason NOT to start exercising or exercising more, if you are physically able?

What is it going to take? No. Seriously, what is it going to take?

Start today. Start where you are. Just get to it.

Note:  Always always seek advice from your health experts. We aim to offer you some targeting that you can discuss with your own experts. (Cause though we like to think we do, we don’t know you or your situation!)



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Write for Hot Flash Daily.

Share your story? Advice? Ideas? Cartoons or videos you've created? We'd love your contribution.

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©2016 Hot Flash Daily. All rights reserved.

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