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AstroFlash – September, 2015

AstroFlash – September, 2015
Take charge, ladies! And raise your standards, get your life in order. Now is the time.

Appliance of the Month: Juice Extractor
Eat Dessert First: Sept. 1-8
WTF Just Happened? Sept. 17
Talk, Tech & Travel Advisory: Sept. 17 – 30

Carpe that diem like crazy before the sun sets on Labor Day, because after that, it’s down to business, big time. This is more than stock advice, my friends. It is a month-wrangling strategy. The more you indulge yourself in the first week, the better the following weeks will go. Your personal flavor of end-of-summer blow-out will leave you with you a strong taste of getting what you want, a taste that will scream “Me! Over here! Remember me?” as you navigate choices, doorways and changed conditions throughout the month.

This is a month of reveals — when cosmic dust settles and we finally start seeing situations, structures and relationships rising from the rubble of the past few years. Bring a broom. A new one’ll sweep clean, as the saying goes. There’ll be nooks and crannies aplenty to tidy up.

The temple that is your body is also due for clean-up and maintenance.  Out with (okay, into storage with) the cocktail blender; in with the Vitamix and detox diets. Don’t overlook the perimeter. Check the property line and fences, and redraw boundaries firmly. No apologies, either. (Put that on a sticky note: No apologies.)  If this combo doesn’t tame your power surges, no more tolerating. Get medical help.

No more tolerating applies to relationships as well. Chapters are closing in your personal rule book (what you expect, what you put in, what you accept) as well as in specific relationships. You’ve seen this coming, so don’t panic. (You have a broom handy, right?) Some are leaving or permanently shifting gear — funny what healthier boundaries and choices can do — while new ones are coming in that fit your revised rule book. Or the new edition that’s being edited.

One more object you’ll be encountering:  the cosmic alarm clock. It goes off on the 17th and, sorry to say, will not snooze or shut off no matter how you smash it. The sound does, however, fluctuate. When it’s blaring, that’s a signal to check your talk/walk ratio: Look at what you say you believe and how that lines up with what you actually believe and the way you actually live. Own your beliefs and act on them responsibly, and voila! The alarm will get quieter.

Talk, Tech & Travel Advisory:  The year’s third communication-caution time begins on the 17th, when cosmic messenger Mercury turns retrograde until October 9. If you’ve been following AstroFlash for a while, you know the drill: Demons possess technology; messages get garbled; traffic snarls; misunderstandings abound. This time, he’s backtracking in Relationship Central, the sign of Libra. This could actually benefit us, since we’re all doing the Relationship Thing this month. So work it, sistah! Be a Girl Scout, resourceful and prepared. Double-check information. Follow up when calls, texts or email go unanswered. Allow extra time for getting around. Research; investigate; snoop. Ask nosey questions. Re-open discussions. When you trip, look around for dropped information and previously unnoticed doorways.  You could come out of this retrograde well armed with info. Very well armed.



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Write for Hot Flash Daily.

Share your story? Advice? Ideas? Cartoons or videos you've created? We'd love your contribution.

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©2016 Hot Flash Daily. All rights reserved.

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